Hydraulic Torque Wrench TH- Series Direct Hex Type, Mumbai, India
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Electric Nut Runners / Torque Wrenches

An electric torque wrench is a planetary torque multiplier or a "Gearbox" mated to an electric motor. At the end of the "gearbox" is a reaction device that is used to absorb the torque. This allows the operator of the tool to use the electric torque wrench with very little effort.

The tool has an internal computer that shuts off the voltage at a certain level that is adjusted by the operator of the tool. Because of the internal electronics, the electric torque wrench can operate from 110 or 220 volts. Electric torque wrenches offer the reliable and dependable solution for the torquing and un‐torquing of heavy duty bolts and nuts at various industries with speed, power, accuracy and safety are required.
Straight Design‐ Precise tightening or easy loosening from 100 up to 12000 NM

• A safe absorbing of reaction forces and the ergonomic pistol grip provide a positive handling.

• The operator can fully concentrate upon tightening or loosening tasks.

• Longer life of the power gear, due to completely new bearings.

Straight Design (TEW‐S)

Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

Pneumatic torque wrench is an air motor driven planetary gear box having a very high reduction ratio. the gear box is provisioned with a reaction arm to absorb the torque reaction. Unlike impact wrench a pneumatic torque wrench is driven by continuous gearing and hence has no noisy and hazardous hammering. This is why a pneumatic torque wrench has an excellent accuracy and repeatability.
• Pneumatic is always known for clean and tidy way of working.
• Combination of Air motor with planetary gear guarantees, a much faster, safe and economical operation.
• Easy and fast operation.
Straight Design (TEW‐S)
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